sâmbătă, 28 mai 2011

The last Post: Thank you!

I have now two feelings inside me in my last moments in Belgium. Happiness I fill first of all thinking that my way is going back to my home or at list to my country, back to family and friends, but is not only happiness, I’m feeling also a big hole. A hole of sadness thinking to my friends and my colleagues I knew here in Belgium, good people that I will leave behind me after more than two years of work and fun together.
At the end after all those years with good and bad moments spent in this beautiful and green country called Belgium, the most important thing seems to be the nice people I was fortunate enough to find in such a small space. A friendship you don’t simply deserve but you build and win in a team. This team we ware together all this time and for that I have only one word to say even if is with sadness in my voice: “Thank you!”
Maybe life still has the magic trick in its bag and we are going to see each other at one point, so I will also say: “See you soon dear friends!”

5 comentarii:

Bolle spunea...

A normal Guldenberg @ De Mythe ruled.
Now, a big Guldenberg @ Cristi's rules. Wait until the summer vacation, you will resuffer your Belgium-fever. :-)

Anonim spunea...

Same here buddy, you're only half a day gone, and i allready miss you my teacher :)
We shall meet again!

Athos spunea...

rău cu rău, dar mai rău e fără rău..... :)

barbara.vanbever spunea...

Dear Cristi,
I wish you all the best back in your home country! A lot of success in everything you do! Hope to see you soon!

Cristi spunea...

Hope to see you soon to guys!